Arctic Hat™ 6 in 1 Extreme Cold Weather Sport Gear.

Any restrictive or loose head gear may result in heat loss and ultimately frostbite, one size fits all just don't work in very cold weather conditions. A winter hat that is too loose constantly leaks warm air, and too tight reduces the capacity of thermal retention by reducing the air pockets in the material.

The Arctic Hat™ 6 in 1 Extreme Cold Weather Sport Gear is uniquely designed, very well made with double layer extra thick high performance material for maximum protection during the extreme cold weather condition. 3 different sizes perfectly fit children, adults and extra large person. The Arctic Hat™ is also very comfortable to wear, lightweight and looks great, ideal for outdoor activities when cold and inclement weather demand high performance outer protection. That Arctic Hat™ is simply the best product on the market, it offers the best features, the most versatility, and superior quality.

It makes a great gift for yourself or other !
Select your favorite color, Black, Blue or Orange - Lifetime Warrantee.
  • Use it as a hood with double layer scarf, warm and cozy.
  • Use it as a hood with face mask for maximum protection.
  • Use it as a neck gaiter, easy and comfortable.
  • Use it as a face mask, keep you favorite hat.
  • Use it as a stocking hat, nice and cool.
  • Use it as a sack to store accessories.
  • Made of high performance material with mobility.
  • 3 different sizes to offer the perfect fit to reduce the warm air lose.
  • Color matched cords.
  • Embroidered logo.
  • Lifetime Warrantee !!!
  • Special sale price only $16.10 (retail $23.00)
Limited Time Offer!

The Arctic Hat™ is made of high quality, extra thick double layer polar fleece for maximum protection. It comes in 3 sizes that offers the perfect fit and reduce warm air lose (The most important factor in thermal retention in extreme cold weather), and 6 ways to wear. Weather You use it as ski hat, ski mask, or outdoor hood, the Arctic Hat™ provides the best protection and insulation you can find at very reasonable prices!
Arctic Hat™ 6 in 1 Extreme Cold Weather Sport Gear works better !!!   - Detailed Features - Customer Reviews -


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