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"I just want to thank you all for the great service and wonderful arctic hats. You guys are doing business the way all companies who ship via the internet should. We bought 3 and very pleased with your products and the price. I just want to say thank you again for your speedy delivery of our arctic hats."
- J. Williams

" I am very impressed by the Arctic hat! After searching high and wide for a cold weather hood for some time, I read some very positive product reviews about your product, and I am thankful that I did. I have never received more compliments than I do when I wear my new Arctic hat."
- E. Burns

"Just a quick note to thank you for doing such a fantastic job, The Arctic Hat is PERFECT!!! Exactly the way I wanted it and the fits perfectly, nice and comfortable. I am ready for the ski season and can't wait to hit the slope."
- B. Jones

"I love outdoor activities and am proud of being a big man, but I seems having difficulty finding a nice large size hat for the winter. I decided to give Arctic hat a try after reading some nice product reviews, I can only say 'outstanding work!'. "
- R. Kurman

"I was searching for a winter hat that was warm, but also stylish. I found your Arctic Hat to be wonderful for me. The extension on the bottom to cover up my neck like a scarf would, and can be fold up to work as a nice face mask, it is a brilliant combination. I live in Chicago, it is incredibly windy. I am very well protected by the Arctic hat and very satisfied with the outstanding quality of this garment. I am sure its sturdy construction will hold up over the years. Thank you for making such a great hat! "
- R. Anderson

"I found your web site and was delighted to see the wonderful hats, I wanted to say how pleased my husband and I are with your great service. We have gotten many compliments on how nice the Arctic Hat looks"
- K. Lewis

"I was amazed by the fast shipping. You have good products and a great website. I was able to order quickly and easily. The Arctic Hat is so much nicer than what you can find in the store."
- D. Morris

"My son loves the hat. It fits exceptionally well. He has been parading around the house in it all afternoon ! It makes a great gift."
- G. Burk

"I am glad that I bought the Arctic Hat after I lost my hotheadz last year, it really helps when I walk my dog in very cold day, and it is much warmer."
- R. Davis

"The hat is exceptionally light yet wind and waterproof. Perfect for walking in cool and/or damp conditions. "
- A. Morgan

"What a wonderful item, this Arctic hat is ingenious, great for cold weather. Where have you been all my life?! "
- Thomas V.(Norway)

"Greetings and hello to all. I am so happy with my new Arctic Hat, it keeps me warm and comfortable, I will buy more as Christmas gifts to my friends and family! "
- B. Freud

"Hey, I tell ya what,,,, I wish everybody I dealt with were as easy to work with as you have been!
!!!YA'LL ROCK!!!
Merry Christmas!"
- Jeff

"I deliver the newspaper in the early, early morning hours in Minnesota. I bought your product early in the winter, thinking I'd use it in mid-winter, when it got really, really cold. However, within days of its arrival the weather got cold, and has stayed cold. I found The Arctic Hat keeps my neck and head much warmer than a hat and scarf. I've found that having a warmer face has reduced the problem of a runny nose caused by the cold air. Another plus is that the slight stiffness of the outer fleece means I can pull it away from my face a little if I'm a little too warm, and it will stay that way, unlike knit masks which are clingy. It was 13 below while I was outside delivering papers this morning, and my head, face and neck were warm. The Arctic hat is also very useful when using a snowblower. Sometimes the wind changes and the snow is suddenly all blowing onto you! Today I'm buying another so I'll have one to wash and one to wear."
- B. Tabaka
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